About Us

Who Are We?

Mountain Deer Taxidermy started with a love of hunting and fishing, so Rodney & Theresa Elmer know how important your trophy is to you, know matter how big or small! Whether it's your Boone & Crocket white tailed deer or your daughter's first perch - those memories are worth saving. 

With over 32 years of experience in taxidermy, we pride ourselves in our ability to preserve your trophy to look as it did in its natural habitat. We work annually on about 300 mountings and presentations of many varieties of Vermont wildlife; deer, bears, moose, coyotes, fox, fisher, turkeys and more. We also work on animals from other parts of the globe including Africa. One of his more interesting requests was a 20-foot long snake. In addition to being entertaining, the stories of the hunters who are our customers provide information allowing us to suggest possible ways to present and mount the trophies that they have bagged. Our high quality work can be seen by our many repeat customers that seek out our services. The presentation of your trophy can be head wall mounts or full body depictions. We also provide the service of State of Vermont Dept. of Fish & Wildlife Big Game Reporting Station. A specially designed outdoor scale system with tall vertical clearance is also provided for easy weigh-in of all species.

Our YouTube Channel!

One of the Fastest Growing Outdoor Channels Online

In 2016, we decided to share our hunting and outdoor adventures online by creating a YouTube Channel. As new videos go up weekly and our following grows, we are receiving more and more messages from people all over the world who love the way we film and how we hunt. With a recent jump of 2K subscribers and almost 325K views.

Video Content

With videos covering everything from, How to Cape a Deer, to tracking tips and tricks, some of our past hunts and current happenings. We cover a variety of topics and are always expanding.

Check it Out and See for Yourself!

Watch some of our videos and let us know what you would like to see. Hope you enjoy and HAPPY HUNTING!

VT Fish & Wildlife Involvement

Courses & Classes

Hunter Safety Courses

One the last 15 years we have put on  8 classes a year instructing and welcoming over 3,00 people into the world of hunting and to do so safely. 

Deer and Wildlife Classes

Every year we also put on seminars a the shop to share some of our experience and expertise to hunters. where to find them to processing them for food, and hunting techniques. We have classes for everything from Deer to Bear, Moose and small game. If you are interested in any of our courses or classes, check out our Facebook Page and the VT Fish and Wildlife Website.

Interested in a Hunter Safety Course?